Wednesday, November 2, 2011

[vent] eMail

Braondon und ich reden wieder miteinander. Zur Zeit pissen mich SO viele Sachen an und ich bin froh, dass ich ihm wie gehabt immer eine vent-eMail schreiben kann. Er ist halt doch irgendwie mein grosser Bruder.

Brandon, you old wrinkly ballsackface ♥

Alright, I really need to talk to somebody and I think you might have enough time to read.
So, there's this girl I hung out with a couple times in Killeen. She's married to Dustin's friend and they all were at the same high school. The problem is: She is TOO nice. And she's starting to piss me off even if she doesn't do anything. I get pissed off by her being so nice. I get pissed off by hearing that she has to survive ONE FUCKING NIGHT alone at the house. I'm like: Bitch, try to survive half a year or longer every single fucking night! Do I spam Facebook? no, I fucking don't! She doesn't even use swear words, she's a momma's girl and UGH! I can't stand this goddamn fucking niceness. Girls need to swear, girls need to watch fucking porn and girls need to fart, burp and what not. RIGHT? Right.

Also I am fucking disappointed by my dad. I mean, seriously? It's sad that my FRIENDS (and even you in a way) wish me a happy birthday (soll eigentlich anniversary sein, aber wenn ich einen vent tippe, brause ich schnell auf hahah) but my own dad doesn't? Pah. I also don't know how Americans handle anniversaries of their relatives but we almost didn't get any congrats from Dustin's side of the family. Maybe I'm overreacting because I had to spend the day alone but... it disappointed me too. That's just plain rude and makes me feel like they feel about our marriage like my dad does. And of course everybody knows that he is not thrilled hahah I think I might go on distance. Just to make sure. You know me.

Also it pisses me off that every single bitch fucking knows when their damn (ugly) husbands will be back. It seems like I'm the only one who doesn't have a fucking damn clue. I mean I put on a smile and fake a: "Ahahahah that's is so awesome, I'm so happy for you!" NO. I AM FUCKING NOT HAPPY FOR YOU. I HOPE YOU FUCKING DIE YOU STUPID CUNT.
The majority of people I talk to have husbands/boyfriends in the marines. Are you guys better organized than the Army? Geez! The army people I talk to already have their husbands in Kuwait. It seems that Dustin's unit is the last one in Iraq because everybody is like: Oooh well in Kuwait... and my husband said it's so crowded in Kuwait... and I get a phone call from Kuwait... FUCK FUCKING KUWAIT! UGH! I want to bitchslap every single one of those fucking cunts. Seriously.

Rant/vent over. I try to not be mean to any of the above mentioned people (although it is fucking hard). I'm so glad we talk again ♥ Call me when you get a chance, you have my number? And if you need something, carepackagewise, send me your address, fucker!

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  1. jetzt mal ganz abgesehen vom Text - wer ist Brandon? Scheine wohl irgendetwas ├╝berlesen zu haben :(