Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ich. Sprachlos.

Ja, diesmal gibt es mich sprachlos. Wahlweise auch hyperventilierend. Oder beides gleichzeitig, wenn das überhaupt möglich ist.

- So, what do you want for christmas?
- And don't say nothing!!
- Cause I am thinking I already have something picked out for you!
christmas? eh that is... too far away hahah I never thought of it yet
- Well, what if I got you something before then?
- And I am sure you will like it!Let me see how to give a hint
an awesome hint though
not just a sucky hint
- I know!
- 2 words
2 words? that's the hint?
- Well yeah, because there are two words that go with it!
you should work on your hint skills, dude hahah
- how about this....but its really going to give it away
- Princess cut!

- Because I know you're the perfect girl for me
Dieser Mensch ist verdammt toll.

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