Monday, August 23, 2010

weil wir... doof sind

gotta love the army hahah
- yea...i am thinking about getting I love the army tattoo right here!
no it should be on your ass
yep really
and then you can tell your commanders: hey look at this!
- hells yea!
- hey sir, check this out!
- baam! and there is an ass in his face!

-I will let you be immortal with me!
perfect! How gracious hahah
-eh, you know me....always giving!

but it should be at least you 12 and him 0
so ha
- id like to see you do it!
I would totally kick ass
- yea right!
doubt that? hahah not cool!
- only one way to find out!
- come and play with me!
- ... and yes i meant that in both ways!

- I just get some papers signed, then come back to see you, or you couls walk with me!
- cjould**
- shit...could**
I love the illiterate-you

that's true but still, never tell your conquering plans hahah you should know that
- yea, but you could tell me!
yeah I could
doesn't mean I would hahah
surprise attack!
- would not be a surprise, cause i already know you are there!
-I kinda would expect you to take over the closet, make me dress funny, and paint the bathroom pink!

hahah some people like bratty 8 years old who always win at the bowling alley?
or computers that win all the time?
- ..........
- gee, not helping my confidence!

Konversationen wie diese machen mir klar, dass ich mit ihm einfach nur... dumm sein kann ♥


  1. Ich hab deinen Blog grade gefunden ;)
    Wie habt ihr beide euch denn kennen gelernt?
    Liebe Grüße

  2. Auf einer Party von Freunden. Und es war wirklich wie in einem sehr, sehr schlechten Hollywoodfilm. Ich, als sehr tollpatschiger Mensch, bin wegen ungebundener Schnürsenkel gestolpert und hab' mich im Fallen an ihm festgekrallt. Tah-dah! Gesprächsstoff hahah :D